Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Lakes

Hello followers. Just like every other blogger I am going to apologise with you all ( yes the four of you ) for having been quite absent of late. I have been busy and, oh by the way I am much much better, thank you, my back pain is nothing but a distant memory. So distant that since we have last spoken to each other ( I like to view this as a dialogue, you see) , I must have walked about 100 miles , all right 50 but most of them vertical which has to be taken into account .
Rookie and I have a tradition which he started on the first anniversary of us getting together: we take a few days off, first was Cambridge, than St Ives in Cornwall, Settle in the Yorkshire Dales and this year Keswick in the Lake District (  more and more adventurous as the years go by I hear you thinking ).
Well, it was sensational: the mild autumn worked in our favour so that the trees were still covered in warm tinted leaves, heavy big clouds interspersed by deep blue skyes and very little rain. But let me take you through a photographic journey
This is Newlands, a valley just off Keswick to the west, one of my favourite places and the starting point of so many walks, just to add a touch of exoticism I liked to call it Newfoundlands, such a creative imagination!

This is still Newlands but seen from Catbell ( originally meaning wild cat shelter, eat your heart out Wiki) one of the most popular hills of the lakes, a nice long circular route joining Maiden Moor, High Spy and eventually Borrowdale

Lovely Sunday morning walking up to Skiddaw, this is the valley just to the north of Keswick. It is a very steep but popular route, apparently too too busy in summer, but being November it wasn't crowded at all.

We are going up, through the clouds and beyond
This is from the top of Skiddaw

The day after we decided to go for a longish walk ( 12 miles, remember mostly vertical !), the so called Eel Crag horseshoe , that was one of the most amazing walks, at times even hazardous and down right frightening ,but then again it is me writing this blog, not exactly a mountain goat, an April lamb if anything.
This is part of it, you can see dear little Keswick down by the lake and the Skiddaw range in the background.
What follows really surprised me, it is filmed from the top of Eel Crag, you can see Scotland from there and me pointing at the rude finger and making funny faces , lets see if you can figure out what happened and yes, got the fingers mixed up

OK, if that is too obscure I will enlighten you: on the top of the Crag , Rookie went down on his knee and proposed, like in the movies, he couldn't have chosen a better place. My answer was pretty obvious considering that we have been planning to end living in sinful ways in the year 2012 since holiday No 2 ( that's St Ives, well done). Never the less I was quite taken aback and surprised hence the messing up with the finger.
Many other walks have taken place, all beautiful until the second last day when we decided to go to Borrowdale starting our walk at Seatoler , which apparently is the wettest inhabited place in England where it rains  2 days out of 3. We were on the wrong side of the statistic.
OK folks this is it for now: the trick to a good blog is to keep it sweet and short and I might have already failed at that . Ciao ciao my followers . Ivan

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